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as of my problem with Helios4 rebooting on heavy NFS load I couldn't make any progress, even worse it even stopped booting. Disabling watchdog did not help as serial also freezes and I was unable to do anything, there was no even blinking LED as I remember. That forced me to use another SD card with fresh official Debian 10 installation image and configure it once again.

There is only basic configuration, only SSSD for LDAP and NFS server, no docker and no http services but NAS runs rock solid for 6 days now even it's some cheep 4GB uSD card.

So I still don't know if it's previous Samsung Evo 32GB sd card, or specific configuration, or some issues related to OS upgrades but as there is no spontaneous reboots any more I'm happy that it's not electronics ailing. Hope my new Helios64 will also work even more stable :)

If I manage to debug more on my ex problem I'll write, but I treat it as super low important from now.


My advice for people with spontaneous reboots on Helios4: try to use another SD card with fresh OS, do minimal configuration and try to stress it for few days.


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On 9/5/2020 at 9:38 PM, Werner said:

If they have the have the exact same ratings in voltage and current I'd say (and assumed you are a bit familiar with the basics) pickup a couple fitting connectors and solder them to the wires.

Ah never mind. 19.5 volts vs 12 volts.

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On 9/1/2020 at 7:22 AM, gprovost said:

@fri.K That's very interesting info and not the first time NFS has been pointed as a possible root cause :


Have you tried some different NFS block sizes (wsize and rsize) settings on your client side ? or maybe reduce the number of NFS daemon ?


Because most probably under NFS load with default settings the system reach a unresponsive state and the hw watchdog kicks in and reset the system.

Check if watchdog service is running (systemctl status watchdog.service), if yes then you could also disable it to remove it from the equation during your troubleshooting.




@gprovost FYI: I've had zero issues past 6 months after starting umounting MacOS NFS mounts when no longer using them. When I forget to do this (which is often) & Mac goes to sleep a few times there will be tens of NFS daemons running on the Helios/Debian server.  I do believe there is an issue related to NFS between MacOS & Debian.  Issuing 'netstat | grep nfs' every now and then might help to confirm this.

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