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    lanefu got a reaction from TRS-80 in THE testing thread   
    So a bit of progress on the testing front
    a tool for testing freshly installed images on SBCs Jenkins testing to build kernel based on PR I'd love help enhancing the the jenkins scripts to make more accurate decisions on what to test based on file changes... I have some logic that does an okay job right now
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    lanefu got a reaction from TRS-80 in THE testing thread   
    Im a devops consultant and fluent in Ansible so I think im Obligated in that regard. I can at least handle the plumbing hopefully others can implement the more granular testing once the framkework is in place.
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    lanefu reacted to stut in Armbian 20.02 (Chiru) Release Thread   
    I was having issues connecting to certain APs, the password was always wrong even though I knew for sure they were right. In the end it was due to network-manager's random mac address trickery. After disabling it I could connect just fine. Maybe the random mac should be turned off by default as it can interfere with certain APs?
    A quick fix, create /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/99-disable-wifi-random-mac.conf and add the following;
    [connection] wifi.mac-address-randomization=1 [device] wifi.scan-rand-mac-address=no  
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    lanefu reacted to legogris in Process for adding CSC boards?   
    I'm having some success installing Debian on Raspberry Pi 3B+ and thought I'd proceed with making an Armbian build in order to have equivalent environments with other boards in my cluster.
    Is there any process/channel for this or should I just make a PR on the repo? What are some particular prerequisites I should be aware of that might block it from merging?
    I am very aware of armbian's stance on Raspberry Pi, and I understand you do not want to support it officially (if nothing else because you'd have difficulty handling the incoming clueless users), but I think there are a lot in the intended armbian audience who have Raspis lying around who would be happy about an armbian build. Also it could act as a gateway to bring people to educate themselves more on Linux in general.
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    lanefu reacted to Meier in Last effort regarding RockPro64 kernel panics   
    Thanks for all the hints, will try this out.
    To be honest, I can't imagine to be the only one having these issues. Maybe it's just that our usage of the RockPro64 board with a PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD is not very common? We suspected the PCIe / SSD combination to be the cause for a long time, for but cannot really confirm this. The issues are consistent over dozens of RockPro64 boards and many SSD brands. And I've heard from users that the PinebookPro (which uses similar hardware) also freezes under heavy load when run with an SSD.
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    lanefu reacted to Werner in Making IRC Channel Official   
    Of course not. Having voice in an non-moderated channel is an optical accentuation only.
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    lanefu reacted to chwe in Proposed Forum Structure Change   
    more subforums add just more subforums I'll ignore.. and there are quite some atm. And it seems we have this discussion like once a year or so... And yes I started such a thread as well must be gone somewhere by one of our forum rearrangements...
    we have a:
    where all the not armbian related software questions can go as well..
    and we have a
    and chit chat.. IMO chit chat is the place where everything goes in nobody wants to deal with..
    The more subforums you have the higher the chance that people choose the wrong one.. means after its more moderation work and as you said time is valuable..
    In a perfect world I would not want to moderate at all cause people don't mess stuff up.. For me moderating is splitting/merge topics on request or when they're obviously not related to each other/connected to each other. Locking stuff down when it goes out of control... which happens from time to time when people get frustrated.. Otheerwise I see myself just a normal user/dev doing dev stuff or spaming in the chit chat about chit chat stuff:
    that's what this subforum is for... As well as asking which TV box may or may not be a good pick can have a living there.
    If the new structure ends in more moderating we do things wrong, if it ends in less moderating we do stuff right.. as simple as it is.. The same reason I had a iphone for years and not an android phone.. I just had to think less where I find what I need. This got better in android world but I'm not sure if it got better in the forum over time but I don't think a more fine grained forum will help here. I can be wrong on that but people tend to post fast and think less means if they don't find the topic it will fit within page one they'l post it wherever they are at this moment..  Ask yourself.. when did you last go to page 3 or page 4 on a googlesearch? The same happens on forums.. And that's why I mostly refuse to answer to posts where the solution can be found within the first two pages of a googlesearch.. or if I do, I'll use something like to remind those people that things are easy as hell if you use the right search terms. I guess this behavior is now called being toxic - I somehow missed this change in social moves from "it's being a dickmove to waste someone else' time if it can be found with a random search engine" to "every stupid question is worth an answer an how dare you are if it's not written super welcoming and inclusive to everyone"... Back to topic:
    That may sound hard but: for your own sake, better learn to deal with it.
    Users are interested in:
    a working SBC with all the features a boardmaker claims (and mostly he sums up the capability of the SoC - mostly this features are based on what works on android and have barely something to do with what works on debian/ubuntu having a recent debian/ubuntu cause nobody wants to deal with something like trusty anymore but they mostly don't care about stuff like bootloader and kernel at all as long as it has the features they need. We still have a bunch of users using the 3.4 bsp kernel on allwinner and we soon ran into the same nightmare with rockchip 4.4 (at least in rockchips case there is a chance that they forward port this to a more recent kernel once android requires a newer kernel) using the most crappy powersupply they have somewhere laying around getting support ASAP cause their problem is for sure the most important one on the world Developers are interested in:
    solving some interesting parts which didn't work before dealing as less as possible with users cause their mess there nice: everything works world up and soak up the time for development having a few users for testing cause testing is boring bringing new boards up, cause board bring up is a way more interesting than board maintenance.. So you see your point: having a well organized forum doesn't really affect both of the mayor groups we're dealing here with.. There are only a few people interested in maintaining the forum and from those few even less are interested in reorganize stuff cause this means more maintenance work and explaining the users why things have changed and how it is supposed to work now. There is this nice little saying: Rome wasn't built in one day, I would add but Nero burned it down in one. To explain that a bit more, if a change breaks the current state may make sense but break existing behavior hence ends in more rebuilding/moderating. This may work as long as you have the fresh "spirit" of moderating things.. but can you keep this over time (means for years not only months)? Cause that's what is needed if we decide to moving around things or moderate more stuff. It's not a change things and everything will be fine, people will still post on the wrong threads and people will still have a wrong assumption what armbian is (a spare time project which tries to do it's best to support a variety of boards as good as possible with a recent kernel with flavors of ubuntu/debian with some tweaks here and there to make debian more useful on such boards e.g nand-sata-install, and tweaks around zram due to limited ram on most of this boards).
    Or to summarize most of it related to your new job as moderator.. be patient and accept that changes might need their time. And right reorganization of the forum might not be on high priory during a release. Especially that this release model is something we're more or less doing "the first time". Or at least it's done the first time that way as we do/try to do it yet. There's for sure a bunch of stuff I forgot to write up.. 
    Disclaimer: as often.. this post may contain some sarcasm, some rants etc. (I may should have this in my signature for the future)...
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    lanefu reacted to chwe in Orange pi 4   
    I'll happily move your posts here then:

    sorry I couldn't resist.. I use the goat PSU called RPi USB-C PSU for most of my USB-C boards at the moment, until yet I didn't figure out a board which doesn't work as it should with it (my dirt cheap IKEA charger does also well but that one is used productive atm). 
    btw is the bq25700 from page 3 really populated on the board? It might have some interesting features to mess with..
    (Input and Battery Current Monitor)
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    lanefu reacted to martinayotte in Orange pi 4   
    Ok ! I've finally found my issue with Non-Rev OPi4 : a junior mistake !
    A power supply issue, I've decided to measure it after the freeze, it was too low !
    I've try another PSU, and it reach the login prompt !
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    lanefu reacted to Igor in Last effort regarding RockPro64 kernel panics   
    Yes, we use the same kernel sources, just a few more patches and a different kernel config. There are also additional drivers, which can't have affects on this.
    Try this:
    Remove all patches from  patch/kernel/rockchip64-legacy  
    Use a kernel config from ayufan image Place that config to userpatches/linux-rockchip64-legacy.config  
    Rebuild kernel with additional parameters: WIREGUARD="no" EXTRAWIFI="no" and report back. This will narrow down the scope where to look for the troubles.
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    lanefu reacted to Igor in Armbian 20.02 (Chiru) Release Thread   
    Thank you for informing us, will be noted. I am not sure we will be able to fix this in a time frame we have for a next release. In a mean time you can use a kernel 4.19.y images which should work without issues.
    Those drivers are mainly maintained upstream. or by 3rd party.
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    lanefu reacted to Chris Rupnik in Armbian 20.02 (Chiru) Release Thread   
    Posted in the spreadsheet - but also wanted to list there. On the OrangePiPC2 - usb (rtl8192cu) WIFI adapters no longer are able to connect. This same hardware works correctly with the previous release without issue. 
    It fails whether i use armbian-config via command line or using the network manager gui to set the wifi configuration.
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    lanefu reacted to balbes150 in OFTOPIC Growing popularity of the Armbian resource.   
    20 Members, 0 Anonymous, 1660 Guests (See full list)
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    lanefu reacted to dkxls in ZFS on Helios4   
    I finally got ZFS installed on my Helios4 using Armbian 19.11.3 Buster with Linux 4.19.84, but I had to stick with ZFS version 0.7.12, as advise by @SvenHz in this post. Loading the ZFS 0.8 module would fail with the same error.
    @Steven Keuchel  Thanks again for your input on the kernel/ZFS memory settings. I had a more detailed look at your settings and noticed that you set `zfs_arc_max=805306368` (i.e. to 768 MB), which corresponds to the maximum `vmalloc` you seem to use. Or were those ZFS settings with `CONFIG_VMSPLIT_2G` and you use in fact an even higher value for `vmalloc`? Which ZFS version did you use, 0.6 or 0.7?
    As @qstaq stated, the default for `zfs_arc_max` is 50% of the available memory. There is however a pull request to increase this even further to 3/4 of all memory or all but 1GB, whichever is greater. This change is enabled due to the revised memory allocation for the ARC buffers in ZFS version 0.7.  In fact, this change makes me wonder if those settings for `vmalloc` and `zfs_arc_max` still make sense for ZFS >= 0.7. 
    The fundamental issue with the extensive use of the virtual address space in ZFS was outlined rather well by one of the developers in this ZOL issue. This was addressed however in version 0.7 with the introduction of the ARC Buffer Data (ABD), as also mentioned in the ZFS 0.7 release notes.
    It appears that the issues with the virtual address space are limited to ZFS versions 0.6 and older. Or is my understanding of this incorrect? Any advice or comment in this regard would be greatly appreciated.
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    lanefu got a reaction from iNTiGOD in Helios4 Support   
    It wont have the horsepower for transcoding with emby.  Best bet is to store your media on helios and mount from nfs or smb to a more appropriate plex host. 
    For perspective..The 4 core atom on my synology can barely keep up with transcoding on the fly 
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    lanefu reacted to TRS-80 in [Moderation] Better Using "Report this content" (Flagging) for Mentoring New Mods   
    A few of us have been experimenting with this the last week or so, seems to work well. But I wanted to bring this to the attention of all the rest of longer term Mods like @chwe @balbes150 @NicoD @TonyMac32 @JMCC (please tag any others I may have forgot) as well as site level Admin like @lanefu and of course @Igor.
    As a new Mod I often feel like a Level 1 Tech Support. Or perhaps better stated, "triage." Which I figure is our purpose, to "take care of" as many low hanging fruit as possible (or at least sort to correct place, maybe adjust title, tag, ask OP for further info, etc.), in order to free up time/attention of Devs and more experienced users. I try to take on as much as I can, but there are simply things I am unsure about (and from private discussions, I know other new Mods feel same). As our knowledge grows over time, we will be able to take on more and more. But I think we can slightly better use the tools this software already provides to help with this (IMO, some times necessary) mentoring process. I realize you guys are busy (hence need for Mods in first place) however...
    Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day,
    Teach a man to fish, and ...
    So I request to the more experienced Mods and Admins, please take few moments here and there to help teach us newer guys (when we need help) how to fish...
    But this post will also be for my fellow new Mods, as well ( @soerenderfor @Vanitarium @_r9 @jsfrederick , I went through Mod sign up thread already, but please tag any others I may have missed) so please, read on...
    Newer Mod (or even regular user) can click on little Flag at bottom of any post:

    And then enter some question what they need guidance about:

    Now this will show up to all other Moderators and site level Admin as little triangle in upper right corner:

    So far pretty simple, I am sure most of you are aware of this functionality already. Now this is what I propose to codify into some kind SOP:
    If we still require attention / advice of someone "higher up" then we leave Status as "New Report" (Flag logo):

    Once someone "higher up" replies, then they/we can change Status to "Under Review" (Triangle ! logo):

    Where we leave it until person originally raising the flag either:
    gets their answer, at which point they can Close the Report, requires further clarification, in which case they can change back to Flag to raise more attention  
    I think this is a good way of fast, easy triage and sorting, because:
    it does not pollute IRC or forum threads (and less airing of potentially "dirty laundry") relevant discussion is attached directly to the thread in question "higher experience level" (Mods, site level Admin) can immediately see filtered view of what might need their attention (Flag logo), without having to read all of forums, or even pay attention to Moderation discussions, where they are not needed. However at same time should they want, can also get quick overview of moderation advice being given by Mods to each other, and could add their 2 cents if disagree. "medium experience level" Mods can help mentor lower level, to extent they are able, already relieving some load off "higher level" people, while still asking some questions themselves "lower experience level" Mods (and even regular users for that matter, although unable to see discussion on the Mod side) can get their questions answered, receive mentoring from "medium and higher" level people, and thereby eventually progress upward Over time, this will also build a body of knowledge which new Mods can look through when they have time to get up to speed (similar to reviewing past Bans, etc.)  
    Do note that this entire proposal is only for the meta of Moderation questions themselves, i.e.:
    should this be moved to x sub-forum I am not sure this qualifies as violating rule # x etc.  
    If you think this is a good idea, please say so here, and/or just start fulfilling one of the roles "low, medium, high" as outlined above, befitting your experience level.
    I encourage any and all Mods to communicate with each other in this way, adding your $0.02 to whatever Mod discussion, where you feel it adds some value.
    Feedback on this idea also welcomed, of course.
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    lanefu got a reaction from _r9 in Help us test Armbian 20.02 RC1!   
    The first RC Images are out for Armbian 20.02.     We need your help testing Supported Boards for this release.   The download site is already configured for the RC1 images as the default download.  (We intend to improve this process in future releases, and provide separate download links.)
    Here's how to help:
    download and configure our testing tool (currently in alpha state) identify supported boards you have on our test tracking google sheet Run testing tool Perform any additional independent testing that you can Update test tracking google sheet with your results Please share major issues on our Armbian 20.02 (Chiru) Release Thread  
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    lanefu reacted to stut in Armbian 20.02 (Chiru) Release Thread   
    I do have one of those gun like ones, thanks for reminding me. I checked some temps and the reported temps are pretty much spot on. It might run cooler without the 1.3ghz overlay cuz I think that increases the voltage, not sure though. Of course I can't measure the chip itself due to the heatsink but I did my best to get a close as possible and find the hottest parts. I do have a temp sensor for a multimeter somewhere that is probably small enough to sit between the heatsink and the dye of the chip but it will reduce the surface so might influence results a bit.
    Edit: ran sbc-bench without errors:
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    lanefu reacted to stut in Armbian 20.02 (Chiru) Release Thread   
    RC1 working very nicely on NanoPi NEO2 boards here. Also running cooler than I remember, hovering between 22-27c idle/light load. Everything I need works including 8811au ac sticks and overlays to enable 1.3ghz and extra usb port on the oled add-on, the oled also works. Wifi seems faster/more responsive. No issues to report so far. Great work!
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    lanefu reacted to stut in Removing Unneeded Packages   
    If you need to free up space try installing localepurge to remove unwanted languages from docs and man pages and such. When every megabyte counts this will help a lot without having to remove any programs. Select no when asked about the exclude path option to process already installed stuff. If you select yes it will only strip the languages from newly installed stuff.
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    lanefu reacted to Igor in Armbian 20.02 (Chiru) Release Thread   
    Images done. Process finished without troubles this time.
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    lanefu got a reaction from balbes150 in Censorship 2020   
    dude forreal you kinda fly off the handle pretty quick. 
    Balbes is the loneTV boxes person.... and the tv boxes is his project... so if he's not interested.. he's not interested... 
    I'm sure if you wanted to add support to the TV boxes branch he'd accept the PR.
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    lanefu got a reaction from umiddelb in Censorship 2020   
    dude forreal you kinda fly off the handle pretty quick. 
    Balbes is the loneTV boxes person.... and the tv boxes is his project... so if he's not interested.. he's not interested... 
    I'm sure if you wanted to add support to the TV boxes branch he'd accept the PR.
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    lanefu reacted to Igor in Armbian 20.02 (Chiru) Release Thread   
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    lanefu reacted to Christos in [Info] if any armbian image depends on debian Jessie (or wheezy)..   
    Indeed after a fresh checkout things got better and now I can build ok the supported items in build system.
    The problem is that jessie build bails out with error, though as @Igor said, the 3.4.113 can still be compiled with xenial and the 19.08 branch (for as long as it does..)
    A minor but time consuming task is that whenever we have to make a new fresh checkout, it takes so many hours to re-download all the cached components specifically the toolchains and thats a real bummer.
    Thanks for your hints.