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Single Armbian image for RK + AML + AW (armhf ARMv7)


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20 hours ago, Peppe said:

I used BareBox for my experiments,

Did I understand correctly that barebox starts the kernel from a normal partition ? Can it only use the kernel integre with the dtb , or can it, like u-boot, load separate elements (kernel, dtb, initrd) ?

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Hi  @balbes150, Is there anyway to boot Armbian from RK3229?
I used your arm32 image, but could not boot (just blank screen).
I changed the dtb from extlinux.conf using:

If I used this uboot from your first page post: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B99O3A0dDe67Tm1nVjdncVBuaG8/edit

then burn it via etcher, My SD Card partition suddenly broke.

My box:
M96Mini 4k Ultra HD, Aida64 detect it as RK3229 armv7.

Many Thanks,


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21 hours ago, hexdump said:

@rna - this is the thread for rk3228/rk3229 boxes btw.:


Thanks for your reply, I had asked the admin of this post whether is it possible to run armbian in this box without erasing the eMMC? because I want to keep the android firmware in the box while booting armbian from SD Card.

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Is there any working armbian image for Allwinner H3? I do have an MXQ Pro 4K 5G. Image for OrangePi PC works but only booted once. Beelink X2 armbian image (archive) also works but only reads 1GB of RAM instead of 2GB. My board has 4 512MB RAM modules. The title lists AW, but could not find any image or instructions specifically for Allwinner devices. I tried flashing the image to the SD card, but my TV Box just plainly refuses to boot from it.


Probably unrelated, how do I configure the armbian image for Beelink X2 so that it properly displays 2GB of RAM instead? Links would be greatly appreciated. I'm still hoping though for a more recent armbian image compatible for my device..

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18 hours ago, feliscatus12 said:

The title lists AW, but could not find any image or instructions specifically for Allwinner devices. I tried flashing the image to the SD card, but my TV Box just plainly refuses to boot from it.

I don't have any H3 models, so if I add support for them, I won't be able to test and support them if errors occur.

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I've been able to compile my own kernel but that change doesn't fix it.


Thank you for your hard work as always.




First of all, thank you balbes150 for your work!

I want to ask if it is possible for you to change the build config for the aml s8xx in the future?
I want to run Docker but the minimum requirements not met for the kernel are:


If this 1 is added, that should fix Docker not being able to be working.


Thank you again!

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2 hours ago, Nuno Cruz said:

Last time I was not able to find amlogic dtb files in build, something change about the support to amlogic tv boxes?

Amlogic is no longer being supported in these builds after Oct 14, 2020.  If you need amlogic support you will need to grab an earlier build.

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Good news.

Working version of Libreelec for rk3188 (thanks to @knaerzche for providing the source code). I tested it on my UT2 (rk3188). I wrote the image to the SD card, connected it to UT2, and the system automatically started. Works with HDMI audio and HW acceleration for video (not all formats are supported yet). My LAN hasn't worked yet. Important - now there is a working version of the kernel and u-boot for rk3188, I hope to build a version of Armbian with these sources in the near future.

Thank you to @knaerzche for the work done to add support for rk3188 with a modern kernel and u-boot. :)



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On 9/23/2020 at 12:37 PM, balbes150 said:

Good news. Now you can download the latest versions of images and DEB packages from the official Armbian resource via the link.  :)




Hi Balbes150, 


I have an MXQ S805 1GB (KOT49H.20151225 test-keys) also know as the m201C version which has 1022MiB rather than 510MB.


I have a problem using either of these images:

  • Armbian_21.02.0-trunk_Aml-s812_bionic_current_5.10.0_.img.xz
  • Armbian_21.02.0-trunk_Aml-s812_focal_current_5.10.0_.img.xz

Using BalenaEtcher I burn the images onto SD card absolutely fine and they verify okay (tried multiple SD cards). Then I proceed by editing uEnv.txt and changing the default dtb from meson8m2-mxiii-plus.dtb to meson8b-mxq.dtb and renaming armbian_first_run.txt.old to armbian_first_run.txt, then proceeding to boot from the SD card using the hidden recovery/boot button behind the AV socket I attempt to boot, sadly, I get MODE not supported. I've tried two different screens made by Acer and Samsung, and no luck. I even tried changing the option from 60hz (which I know my screen supports) to 50Hz and even tried to use 720p/480p rather than 1080p neither of them work. The Samsung reports no signal, while the Acer screen reports invalid display mode.  Using the meson8b-odroidc1.dtb rather than the MXQ I can get it too boot with no display errors, I do however get zram config issues, and , but its very slow, and unstable, mostly due to the fact I think the Ghz is higher on the Odroids than these cheap MXQ.


Is there something I'm doing wrong?


I've had a look at your builder and do not see MXQ as one of the supported boards, just a La Frita, and Odroid C1 which most likely will cause me the same issues. The MXQ board seems very popular and not sure why I'm having problems while many are not. 

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@SimonHayterUK FYI.  Balbes150 announced that he is no longer supporting Amlogic cpus in his work for builds after 10/14/2020.  While I do realize that he has builds labeled s812 after that date, I can't confirm that these work or will see any additional progress.  Also as of October Balbes150 is no longer providing end user support through the TV Box forums.  You might have better luck finding some older builds and following instructions for older builds from the forum archives for your box.

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I am closing this thread.  With balbes no longer working on a unified single kernel/build for all CPU architectures (rockchip, amlogic, allwinner) (especially with his no longer supporting amlogic cpus), further questions or issues would better be created in the cpu family specific subforums:  Rockchip CPU Boxes, Amlogic CPU Boxes, or Allwinner CPU Boxes.

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