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Your account has been locked for security reasons - We have detected 3 failed log in attempts to your account from [...]

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I received an email notification same as title of this post 2 days ago.  Just now I changed my password.  But I thought I would make a post to see if anyone else might have been targeted (as I am a Moderator), especially any other Admins or Moderators.


I am going to ping everyone I can think of (actually, I simply use the list here) below, but please add anyone else who I miss.


@Igor @lanefu @Werner @TonyMac32 @SteeMan @soerenderfor @pfeerick @NicoD @JMCC @balbes150 @_r9

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7 minutes ago, soerenderfor said:

have you noticed from any other sites also?


Not as of yet.  I will update of course should that change.


You remind me though that I wanted to point out I use an offline password manager (and additional protocols which I will not detail here) and every login I have everywhere is some unique long random password.  So that particular attack vector (using same passwords different places) should not apply to me.


To be clear, it also appeared they were not successful in logging in to my account as far as I can tell.  But I changed my password here anyway.

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4 minutes ago, soerenderfor said:

Is it possible in any way, the login did come from you with 2 login attempts almost same time, if you follow me?


Thinking long and hard about that was actually the very first thing that crossed my mind.  But I would say no, for all these reasons:

1. The [...] I left out from OP title was a location where I do not log in from.

2. My password management setup supports auto type which almost never makes a mistake.  Much less 3 in a row.

3. I simply don't recall anything like that happening on Friday.


I am maybe 80% certain of #3, by itself.  But when you add the other 2 factors, it is approaching mid-high 90-something% level of certainty in total.

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