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Can you help test desktop images

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TLDR; If you would like to help us test desktop pul requests, please let us know what device would work, and any additional preferences.

Desktop improvements really are another unique create.    As you know we don't provide supported desktops, but we do make a like of nightlies, and there are contributors like @Rich Neese that really do a ton of work to make this stuff better.   Another part of our improvement process is stronger peer review on pull requests before merging.


This means we really need to start testing desktop images at the pull requests level.... Which we can gladly build images for PRs, just need community members will to download image, install, test and provide feedback.


Idea is... get list of willing testers and their preferred devices.   We can then produce images and link inside Pull Requests Like This.  Then we can just @mention user to try and review within the github issue and comment.. Easy peasy. no git checkouts, building, etc.

if Interested please reply here with what you're willing to test, and github user id if you're comfortable.  if not we can DM. thank you!


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On 3/24/2022 at 2:56 PM, lanefu said:

We can then produce images and link inside Pull Requests Like This


After this is merged, we are going to produce images by default when making a pull request labelled with "desktop". A combination of those desktop images are created:


        board: [uefi-x86,rpi4b]
        release: [focal,bullseye,jammy]
        desktop: [xfce,gnome,mate,cinnamon]


... it takes around one hour after PR is approved.


Artefact download page looks like this:


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I would like to do this.  I have a Orange Pi 3 LTS and a Orange Pi Zero 2 Plus.  I have plenty of SD cards and some time in the evenings to do this and it helps me out.  I also have a Raspberry Pi 4b 4gb, and plan on purchasing a RockPro64 soon and in the future a RK3588 system and a cheap RISC-V system.


Sorry, my github ID is NeoFax75.

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8 hours ago, Narly9999 said:

Desktop GUI.


Desktop is hardware agnostic - it is the same on all HW so its best to develop and test on fastest and most reliable device you have around. I use KVM virtualisation on my x86 desktop, which is fast and has plenty of memory.


I assume you have some PC (For Mac M1 use arm64) to use it for that? Download x86 Armbian image https://imola.armbian.com/dl/uefi-x86/archive/ and run it in virtual environment. You can find people that tackle desktop in #armbian-desktop at https://docs.armbian.com/Community_IRC/#channels We need to test desktops, their deployments, functioning, if they can be installed on top of CLI ...

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12 hours ago, Igor said:


Desktop is not software - Derpp..  My mistake.

Yeah, mmm.  Ambiguities desktop.  You intend to test the OS on the PC or laptops.  Not on SBC OS desktops - Software. 

Test Armbian OS on hardware/desktop computers. 


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