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    markbirss got a reaction from guidol in Very Small Platforms - Rockchip 3308 and Allwinner V3s   
    @guidol here is for reference the minimal buildroot guide for the Lichee Pi Zero for comparison–-Installation


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    markbirss got a reaction from guidol in ESPTerm - a nice Idea fore the Debug-Port   
    I checked with the author to see if we could really increase the 80x25 terminal size. 
    He said at the time he set the 80x25 limit it was due to the limited available ram of the ESP8266 devices
    My attempts to try 80x30 was not yet successful
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    markbirss reacted to zux in NFS Boot from SPI   
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    markbirss reacted to guidol in Very Small Platforms - Rockchip 3308 and Allwinner V3s   
    take a look here
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    markbirss reacted to chwe in Very Small Platforms - Rockchip 3308 and Allwinner V3s   
    didn't you call a challenge for the first one who gets armbian to run on a V3s some months ago?
    _ _ _ ____ _ _____ | | (_) ___| |__ ___ ___| _ \(_) |__ /___ _ __ ___ | | | |/ __| '_ \ / _ \/ _ \ |_) | | / // _ \ '__/ _ \ | |___| | (__| | | | __/ __/ __/| | / /| __/ | | (_) | |_____|_|\___|_| |_|\___|\___|_| |_| /____\___|_| \___/ Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.74 user-built Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.20.2-sunxi System load: 1.90 0.67 0.24 Up time: 1 min Memory usage: 58 % of 50MB Zram usage: 36 % of 25Mb IP: Usage of /: 4% of 29G [ General system configuration (beta): armbian-config ] New to Armbian? Check the documentation first: Thank you for choosing Armbian! Support: Creating a new user account. Press <Ctrl-C> to abort Please provide a username (eg. your forename): got one on Christmas.. didn't have time to dig into it.. but well.. here you are.. Armbian booting from a LicheePiZero 
    Does it make sense? not really.. but hey.. who cares.. it boots.. in less than 30 seconds..
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    markbirss got a reaction from sfx2000 in Lichee Pi zero   
    Here is the Lichee Pi Zero with 4.3inch 800x480, keyboard and Li-Po battery. (also using a ESP8266 ESP-01 for Serial console over wifi)

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    markbirss got a reaction from TonyMac32 in Lichee Pi zero   
    Here the Lichee Pi Zero Dock that I got Ethernet port working that I will use

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    markbirss reacted to tpc010 in [SOLVED] A33 Tablet unrecognized/unsupported machine ID (r1 = 0x00001029)   
    Tablets like this, I bought it at ebay with broken Touch for testing, also a broken 10,1" Tablet, this was also working for testing, and an A88S from alldaymall.
    Wifi is also working, but this can change from tablet to tablet.
    Yuntab Q88H - 7 Zoll Tablet PC,Android 4.4, Quad Core, HD 1024x600, Dual-Kamera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 8GB

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    markbirss reacted to nikkov in H3 I2S0 DT overlay   
    Not related to armbian, but I made some work with friendlyarm kernel 4.11.2 for support i2s driver for h3/h5 with support 16/24 bit master/slave mode i2s (link) and build Volumio image for nanopi neo (link). In future I want to get same in mainline kernel.
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    markbirss reacted to tpc010 in [SOLVED] A33 Tablet unrecognized/unsupported machine ID (r1 = 0x00001029)   
    Hi Markbirss, I checked it again with current build and it's working with module "g_serial" add to boards/lime-a33.conf
    # A33 quad core 1Gb SoC BOARD_NAME="q8 A33" BOARDFAMILY="sun8i" # depending of board and resolution use a defconfig file from sources/u-boot/v2018.05/configs BOOTCONFIG="q8_a33_tablet_1024x600_defconfig" #MODULES="hci_uart gpio_sunxi rfcomm hidp bonding spi_sun7i 8021q a20_tp" MODULES="hci_uart gpio_sunxi rfcomm hidp bonding spi_sun7i 8021q a20_tp g_serial gslx680 gc0312 gc2145 rtl8150" MODULES_NEXT="hci_uart gpio_sunxi rfcomm hidp bonding spi_sun7i 8021q a20_tp g_serial gslx680 gc0312 gc2145 rtl8150" OVERLAY_PREFIX="sun8i-a33" # KERNEL_TARGET="next" CLI_TARGET="stretch:next" DESKTOP_TARGET="" # RECOMMENDED="Debian_stretch_next:75" ~/armbian/cache/sources/u-boot/v2018.05/configs$ ls -1 *[Aa]33* A33-OLinuXino_defconfig q88_a33_tablet_1024x600_defconfig q8_a33_tablet_1024x600_defconfig q8_a33_tablet_800x480_defconfig Sinlinx_SinA33_defconfig  
    I had to disable the pwm_bl module, otherwise the screen will go black while boot.
    echo blacklist pwm_bl>/etc/modprobe.d/pwm.conf I checked it with some Allwinner A33 Tablets from eBay or Amazon, the touch isn't working at the moment, but I hope I have time to check it in the future.
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    markbirss reacted to ChrisK in NanoPI NEO / AIR   
    It should be noted, however, that such thick SILPADS are quite bad when it comes to thermal resistance. While in some cases using such a thick pad and some metal may be better than nothing at all, it is better to avoid them and find a better solution. Using thermal pads or paste or glue is mainly to bridge air gaps due to imperfect surfaces. That stuff isn't really that thermally conductive at all, it just happens to be better than air. The general rule is that such layers should be as thins possible.
    Using a small 14x14x10mm heatsink, attached with thermal glue, is very likely to be far better than a 4mm SILPAD and a big piece of metal. Nice, suitable heatsinks for the H3 would be these: Add a very small dab of heat conductive glue, for example, then put on the heatsink, align it and finally press it down _really_ good (most of the glue should squeeze out on the sides). Let it sit for a while until it's cured, done.
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    markbirss reacted to Elektrický in Orange Pi Zero Plus spi nor flash - anyone know how to configure for booting   
    This topic continues here with the solution:
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    markbirss reacted to tkaiser in FEL mass storage or writing images directly to eMMC   
    One of the Banana Pi employees took @zador.blood.stained's work, added a Windows GUI and extended SoC support from H3 only to A64, A83T and even H5:
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    markbirss reacted to tkaiser in H6 boards: Orange Pi One Plus, Orange Pi 3 Plus and Pine H64   
    What do we know now? Not much  -- most importantly that some details will change and 'board available soon'.
    We have a H6 Product Brief available and a few selected developers already had a look into user manual (NDA situation right now, so not possible to get any answers from them  )
    So all we know is really just:
    H6 is limited wrt DRAM (2GB DDR4/DDR3/DDR3L max), I know the DRAM manufacturer from the modules in my Beelink X2 but have forgotten the name The Ampak module might be an AP6356S providing dual-band/dual-antenna Wi-Fi + BT 4.1 Gigabit Ethernet (H6 is said to have a 2nd Fast Ethernet MAC/PHY but no idea how/whether exposed here -- maybe available on pin headers to be combined with an external MagJack like it's possible on ROCK64 or NanoPi Duo)  One HDMI is a v2.0a output for sure, the other can be another HDMI output (LCD to HDMI converter) or maybe also a HDMI to TS input (depends on the type of chip behind the left HDMI port) eMMC on board One of the USB receptacles is blue (USB3 SuperSpeed), the other is USB2 and I would believe the remaining USB2 port is available on pins 36/38 of the mPCIe connector allowing to attach 'miniPCIe WWAN modems' (to be combined with the SIM card slot -- AFAIK these modems use USB at a 3.3V logic level) the mPCIe slot also exposes H6's single PCIe 2.x lane there's AV, optical audio out and an IR receiver (positioned IMO somewhat strangely since if rotated 90° on the PCB side next to its actual location OPi 3 Plus combined with a little enclosure would already make up for a complete TV box)
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    markbirss reacted to martinayotte in Orange Pi Zero, dev kernel does not see expansion USB ports   
    Be aware that OPi Zero NAS expansion board has 2 USB connectors, but only the one at the center is a real USB host.
    The other USB connectors at left near the barrel power DC is a USB Input to allow connecting the USB Hub to Non-Zero boards with a Male-Male cable.
    Plugging anything in this USB Input on a OPiZero is somehow shorting the whole hub which is already connected thru the pins header.
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    markbirss reacted to martinayotte in Orange Pi Zero, dev kernel does not see expansion USB ports   
    As I've mentioned 3 weeks ago, if we could get this famous expansion schematic, we will prove that this connector is directly in parallel with the JMS578 and the header :
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    markbirss reacted to darkdrgn2k in Nightly Builds   
    Any chance i could ask you guys to do a nightly build for orangepizeroplus2-h5
    We are using it for testing on our mesh project (i know its WIP as i said for TESTING ) and would love to have the instructions to be in line with the other boards we are testing.
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    markbirss reacted to Igor in Building OpenWRT images for Orange Pi Zero with the Armbian kernel   
    There is no official support from Openwrt folks for this board, that's why. It looks like they only support old Allwinner chips like A10 and A20.
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    markbirss reacted to kasparsd in Install PHP7 on OrangePiPC 3.4.113-sun8i   
    I've created this script for building the latest version of PHP7 on any Debian based distribution:

    It worked great on Orange Pi Zero -- here is it running WordPress.
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    markbirss got a reaction from Igor in I2S on Orange Pi H3   
    Thanks Igor, i  found these DAC boards cheaper at AliExpress  $7.21
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    markbirss reacted to Igor in I2S on Orange Pi H3   
    If you want to attach I2S sound card on this particular board (Opi Zero) you will need to solder stuff. Get rather an Orange Pi PC+ board. It's few more extra bucks but you have analogue audio connector, I2S on header and more. On board wireless is also little better.
    For hifi sound you need an extra board / external DAC, something like this ...
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    markbirss reacted to sheffield_nick in 5 Node Cluster of Orange Pi Plus 2Es   
    I've just written an article about my latest cluster build - a 5-node cluster using the Orange Pi Plus2E single board computers - each with 4-core ARM A7 running at 1.3GHz

    Please share the link on Facebook/Twitter/etc if you find it interesting. Thanks
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    markbirss got a reaction from plus90 in Terminal console cursor disappeared after apt upgrade   
    I found this fix, credit to youka

    Re: fbcon cursorby youka Â» Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:57 pm
    Anyway, all that aside...There's a nice work-around in the link Holzhaus provided...
    CODE: SELECT ALL infocmp >> terminfo.txt
    sed -i.bak -e 's/?0c/?112c/g' -e 's/?8c/?48;0;64c/g' terminfo.txt
    tic terminfo.txt
    tput cnorm
    Then just re-run "tput cnorm" each time you log in. This should be good enough for now. At least now I can edit text files without being completely lost   
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    markbirss reacted to Ikrk in Unable to build kernel scripts   
    For my purposes worked this workaround:
    in file linux-headers-3.4.112-sun8i/fs/Kconfig comment out lines
    #107: source "fs/fatfs/Kconfig"
    #287: source "fs/fs_compat.kconfig"
    in file linux-headers-3.4.112-sun8i/fs/Makefile comment out lines
    #76: obj-$(CONFIG_FATFS_FS)        += fatfs/
    in linux-headers-3.4.112-sun8i folder execute
    make scripts
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    markbirss reacted to gaara in Banana Pi M2plus & inboard wifi [solved]   
    Ok guys, I've found a solution.
    It was the firmware and the files in the /lib/firmware/ap6212
    Here is a procedure:
    1) Download the firmware
    git clone or
    git clone 2) Rename nvram_ap6212.txt to nvram.txt:
    mv ~/BPI_>WiFi_Firmware/ap6212/nvram_ap6212.txt ~/BPI_>WiFi_Firmware/ap6212/nvram.txt  3) Copy the ap6212 folder into /lib/firmware folder
    sudo cp -r ~/BPI_>WiFi_Firmware/ap6212 /lib/firmware Then,
    sudo ifconfig wlan0 up should work