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Armbian 21.11 (Sambar) Release Thread


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Release Candidate Code Freeze Date: TBD

Release Planning Meeting Date: 2021-10-16 1400GMT
Release Date: TDB

Release Candidate Branch Link: TBD 

Release Changelog: TBD

Release Coordinator: @igor


We are in doubts to make this release at all due to overall project strengthening and focus on securing maintainers and cut HW which doesn't have it. Alternative idea is to produce a release as is with minimal changes and focus on bug fixing straight from today.

Meeting is this Saturday, to get on common grounds.


@Igor@Werner @TonyMac32 @martinayotte@piter75 @ning@Myy@balbes150 @sfx2000 @ebin-dev@chwe@gprovost@aprayoga@5kft@JMCC@going@jeanrhum@dolphs @jock@belfastraven@TRS-80@Bozza@Rich Neese@sgjava@Mangix@tony013

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I'm not sure if I can or not be at the meeting waiting for the results of covid-19  :) .

But I will try to check the latest build-master data for all devices for which I have committed support, and I will try to send patches (if any).

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