Armbian 22.02 (No name yet) Release Thread



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Release Candidate Code Freeze Date: TBD

Release Planning Meeting Date: TBD
Release Date: TDB

Release Candidate Branch Link: TBD 

Release Changelog: TBD

Release Coordinator: @Heisath and hopefully some new person on the team :)


Already creating this release topic for 22.02, to discuss upcoming changes, no longer maintained boards and help new people get into the release / maintain flow.


Current steps:

- Refine supported/WIP/CSC/etc. board status

- Update maintainer list

- Onboard new maintainers / contributors

- Move Jira issues to new release

- Select release name 


@Igor @Werner @TonyMac32 @martinayotte @piter75 @ning @Myy @balbes150 @sfx2000 @ebin-dev @chwe  @gprovost @aprayoga @lanefu @5kft @JMCC @going @jeanrhum @dolphs @jock @belfastraven @TRS-80 @Bozza @Rich Neese @sgjava @Mangix @tony013 


Pls. ping developers I forgot :) 

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